Catamaran Day Charter in Milos | Nautitech 395

Spend a wonderful day around the coastline of Milos. Book one of our catamarans for a private daily cruise and live the experience of a sailing adventure with your friends and loved ones. A perfect solution for couples, families and generally for groups of max 10 passengers. Our experienced sailing team is willing to assist you organize a unique daily sailing cruise tailored to your desires & requirements.

The price includes the skipper, snacks, full lunch with traditional dishes, local house wine & beverages.

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Sailboat Cruise Milos | Adamas - West Milos - Kleftiko

Discover the beautiful coastal line of Milos and its fantastic beaches, discover an exciting new way to spend your holidays.

Starting from the port of Adamas we will see on our right hand the traditional fishing villages with the “syrmata’’: Skinopi, Areti, Fourkovouni and Klima.

Then we will see “the Bears” at the entrance of the port- two large rocks shaped like bears. After this we will cross the entrance of the port of Adamas, which is the second largest natural port (9 nautical miles) and we will reach the amazing cape of Vani, the largest emerging volcanic rock in the Mediterranean Sea, which is consisted of obsidian, iron, and magganium of particular morphology.

While sailing along the whole west coast of Milos, which is protected under the Natura 2000 programme for the rare species of flora and fauna, we will also see lovely beaches such as Kalogries, Agathia, Triades, Ammoudaraki, and the monastery of Saint John Siderianos, site of two miracles. Afterwards, we will stop outside the cave of Sykia where there is a unique beach inside the cave which roof has collapsed.

Our next destination is Kleftiko, the famous site with the towering, white limestone rocks, that form caves and tunnels of different color depending on how the sun reflects on the sea- water. Kleftiko is an old pirate’s hideout of magnificent beauty and one of the best protected places from the northern winds in the Mediterranean.

After we drop anchor, we get ready for the safari snorkeling tour, a remarkable experience for both adults and children. We put on our masks and fins and follow a member of the crew on a fantastic journey, taking lots of underwater pictures and videos which we offer to you at the end of the cruise. Then we go for a big safari rib tour to explore all around Kleftiko and its caves with the captain as our guide.

On return, there will be a lovely meal expecting us, freshly prepared on board, along with a large greek salad. We will eat with the view of the beautiful Kleftiko, and then relax and enjoy the sea.

On the return journey we will stop for a swim at the picturesque little church of Agios Dimitrios or at lovely Klima.

When sailing across the bay of Adamas, we enjoy the sunset, and about 7-8 o’ clock we reach our final destination, Adamas port full of memories from a great day.

10 + 1 reasons to sail with us:

  • Comfort and pleasureOur boat offers 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms with separate toilets (men - women), which are available to you all day. Fresh shower and shadow are also available to you.

  • Strict company cleaning protocolso the hygiene conditions on board is excellent for your safety, comfort and pleasure.

  • Free consumption in our menu throughout the day

  • Safari snorkeling toura unique experience with driver, free marine equipment (masks, flippers, snorkels), underwater camera GOPRO, free photography and video.

  • Safari rib tour

  • Freshly cooked meal with sauce curated by professional chef.

  • Experienced crewprofessional sailors, lifeguards, speaking foreign languages and knowing the island's history

  • Experience over 30 years in the yachting industry and marine tourism

  • High level of provided services

  • Quality assurance

  • On our trip there is no time: Our company’s policy is to enjoy every moment without any worries. Time is up to us. You are on vacation, enjoy!

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Sailboat Cruise Milos | Pollonia – Polyegos – Round of Milos

The best way to explore the islands of Milos and Polyegos.

You will depart from the picturesque fishermen village of Pollonia to embark on an impressive excursion full of images and unique landscapes and you will explore some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea. Your first stop will be in the biggest uninhabited island of the Mediterranean, Polyegos, with its characteristic geomorphology, its stalagmite-like rocks and its beaches with azure, deep blue, turquoise and green and blue waters that will excite you. You will swim in the famous beach of Polyegos “The Blue Waters-the Myrsini Bay”, an international destination for yachts and sailing boats.

Next stop: the magical landscape of The Sulphur Mines, old sulphur extraction mines that wait for you to explore them. This location is ideal forphoto safari and swimming.

We will continue sailing along the east and south side of Milos and stop for swimming in the beach of Fyrligos, with its colourful rocks, or in the beach of Gerakas, the beach with the impressive sand slides and blue waters.

Next stop: the amazing site of Kleftiko, the famous pirate haven with its countless caves and imposing white rocks. Here we will go on sea explorations, snorkeling safari tour (using equipment that we provide) and we will swim along with you, so as to show you the mesmerizing underwater environment of Kleftiko, with all its secret passageways. During our explorations we bring along an underwater camera to caption these memorable moments. There will be more exploring in all of the caves is Kleftiko, with the tender boat that we use for photoshooting and videotaping.

When we return, a rich meal that has just been prepared in the boat’s kitchen awaits you. We will enjoy our meal along with the view of the beautiful Kleftiko and we will relax.

On our way back, we will stop for swimming in the beautiful Glaronisia, three volcanic rocks of special morphology that are worth visiting at least once.

Our day comes to an end enjoying the unique sunset on board, with its special colour hues, in the horizon ahead of us, towards Pollonia.

10 + 1 reasons to travel with us:

  • Comfort and luxury: Our boat features 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms with separate toilets (men’s-women’s), which remain at your disposal throughout the day. Fresh water shower and shade are also available at all times.

  • Strict company protocol on hygiene, so that we can provide the best possible hygienic conditions on board for your own safety, comfort and enjoyment

  • Free consumption of our menu throughout the day  

  • Snorkeling safari tour: a unique experience with a guide, free snorkeling equipment (masks, flippers, snorkels), an underwater Go Pro camera, free photo shooting and videotaping.

  • Rib boat safari tour

  • Freshhomemade meal with a sauce created by a professional chef.

  • Our crew consists of experienced professional sailors and life guards that are familiar with the history of the island and speak foreign languages.

  • More than 30 years of experience in the yachting and maritime tourism industry

  • High quality of the provided services

  • Best quality guarantee

  • Our excursion does not have any time limitations. Our company’s policy is to make sure that you will enjoy every minute with us without looking at your watch; you need only leave time to us. You are on holiday, do enjoy it!

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Sailboat Day Cruises from Pollonia (Milos)


A unique tour to the colorful island.

Start from the picturesque fishing village of Pollonia on an impressive excursion to the largest uninhabited island in the Mediterranean, Polyegos's distinctive geo-morphology, rocks like stalagmites and beaches with blue, blue, turquoise and aquamarine waters that will surely fascinate.

First stop for swimming: the famous beach called "Blue waters - Gulf Myrsini" of Polyegos global destination for yachts and yachts. We continue exploring the beautiful coastline Polyegos and beautiful, especially rocks Kokkinokavou where we stop for swimming and underwater exploration.

Next stop: the beautiful beach of Farou. Here we organize marine explorations, safari snorkeling tour (with equipment you provide us) and swim with you to introduce you to a beautiful underwater route. With us we have underwater camera to memorize the unique moments.

The day closes enjoying a sunset at sea with the particular colors on the horizon in front of us to Pollonia.

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Sailboat Night Cruise in Milos

Give yourself and those you love a unique night cruise under the summer moon and stars. Sleep on board and wake up to one of the most gorgeous places our country has to offer.

On arrival at our destination we serve dinner with drinks. You have nothing else to do than have a night swim, enjoy dinner under the moonlight and let the sea rock you to sleep.

Choose the remarkable night cruise in the Adamas bay(the largest natural bay in the Mediterranean), the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko or to enchanting Kleftiko.

Have the unique experience of a night safari snorkeling tour guided by our captain in the tender to the magical caves of Kleftiko, where tall white rocks reflect the moonlight.

Enjoy a lovely meal under the stars on board and relax in a scenery of unsurpassable beauty.

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