Luxury Motor Yacht Day Cruise in Mykonos | Delos, Rhinia

Price 1,600.00
Charter the beautiful brand new motor yacht M/Y Primatist G41 and have a day cruise in Mykonos.

Delos and Rhinia
For a trip back to Greek history and mythology, we recommend a visit to Delos and Rhinia through our tailored private cruise. Delos is an uninhabited island considered one of the world’s most important archaeological sites. In ancient years, Delos was regarded as the center of the world and also the biggest trade center. Our approach to Delos island captures a panoramic view of its monuments and archaeological remains. If requested, a stop at its picturesque port and a visit to the local archaeological museum are possible. We cruise on the uniquely beautiful and private Rhinia island, which is by far the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling.


Dragon island
After the south coast tour here comes the uninhabited isle of Dragonisi (Dragon island), reachable only by private yacht. Dragonisi is a protected nature reserve and a haven for the monachus-monachus seal, wild rabbits and goats. It has this name because its shape is like a sleeping dragon. A volcanic island full of colors, caves and breathtaking landscapes. There we stop off to enjoy a swim at the one and only beautiful beach of this isle. Snorkeling around to explore the beautiful underwater environment. Explore caves that used to be pirate lairs, caves we get inside with the boat and many other wonders of nature.

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